Less dress to impress. More wear for self care.

Our uniquely designed Tur-Shirts have been designed to encourage positive self-talk in children and adults. They may look funny from where you’re standing but that doesn't matter. They only matters to the person wearing it. They can only be read by looking into the mirror. Encouraging them to practice positive self-talk whilst looking back at themselves. Helping to grow confidence, develop a positive inner voice and to boost self-esteem too.
The Tur-Shirt Company wants to create a positive impact on children’s and adults mental health and self belief. To use this tool to practise positive self talk over and over again until the person wearing it is doing this without needing The Tur-Shirt. When they’re finished with it, they could pass it on to someone who may need a little encouragement too.

The Tur-Shirt Company invites you into the #turshirttribe and encourages you to speak kindly to yourself.


Meet the founder

Hello I’m Terri-Anne Turton. The Tur-Shirt Company was created to encourage positive self talk and self belief. Helping people put it into practise whenever they wear a Tur-Shirt. The idea is that you have to look at yourself in the mirror to read the print. I wanted to create a small business that provides children and adults with a tool, that will help you see how incredible, unique, amazing you really are. The Tur-Shirt will help you get into the habit of speaking kindly to yourself until you do it as much as you eat, drink and sleep. 

When you/children no longer need to wear it to speak positively to yourself, you can pass it on to someone who may need a little encouragement. We want to have a positive impact on children’s and adults mental health and self belief.

My 4 year old calls T-Shirts, Tur-Shirts so that’s where the company and product name came from. Our surname is Turton so it’s a perfect fit.

I love all things colourful, coffee, forest walks, positive quotes and I don’t take life to seriously. My dream here is to make a little bit of a difference in this huge world.

So that you all believe you can do anything, be anything and most importantly speak kindly to yourselves. 

This is more than a T-Shirt. This is a Tur-Shirt 💫


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